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OAF ticket sale is now open!

This year, OAF ticket events will happen at Semifinal, G Livelab and at the National Museum. Do not miss the unique atmosphere and great gigs of OAF, and get your tickets now! Tickets are sold by our responsible partner Tiketti.

By purchasing a support ticket, you will gain entry to the OAF True Equality party! The True Equality party takes place in the National Museum during the Night of the Arts on 17th of August. Program of the evening comprises of great artists and a superb banquet by Teresa Välimäki and Sami Helle.

This years’ music gigs have an especially great line-up. At G Livelab venue, 23rd of August, you will see Mc Koo, Mika Hagman, Grandefinale and  Loiriplukari.

Moreover, at Semifinal venue on 24th of August will perform this year’s residency artist duo mirrored fatality  from USA, alongside with percussion artist Ryosuke Kiyasu from Japan. 

As a cherry on top we will celebrate the breaking of a glass ceiling at Huvila, Helsinki Festival, on 20th of August, when hammond artist Kalle Salonen makes his debut with the Hammond assembly Salonen-Gustavson-Gröhn. Salonen is the first artist of the OAF Academy art program that launched this year. Salonen composes new music as commission, and this premiere will be heard at the Huvila.

OAF Takes over the National Museum during the Night of the Arts

OAF celebrates the opening of the festival by taking over the National Museum on the 17th of August. The opening event will bring the outsiders and the insiders of the arts field together, emphasizing the statements on the freedom of the arts, Finnishness, outsiderness and the bravery to be different.

At the free event of the Night of the Arts, the program consists of an unforeseen arts’ tour in the National Museum. The program will be opened by the legendary Keuhkot at 19.00 with their manifesto on behalf of the freedom of art. After this, the OAF festival guides will lead the audience from the main lobby to different sites in which the other performances take place.

True Equality Party

As a pre-party to the OAF Opening, the True Equality party takes place at the museum restaurant of the National Museum at 17–18.30. The program consists of our international guest’s speeches, brilliant artist quests and the OAF 2023 best artist award. The award will be distributed by the mentor of the artistic team of the festival, Director of the Ousider Art Fair, Sofia Lanusse (USA).

True Equality -function celebrates the festivals’ artists and its program as well as the inclusive and equal collaboration.The event is a part of True Equality impact campaign, launched by Pertti’s Choice and Kyrö Distillery. The baseline of the campaign is that everyone has the equal right to participate in the rebuilding of the cultural and gastronomical fields. The profit of the event is directed to the employment of the special groups.

The event is free for everyone to attend, so join to celebrate with us! Support tickets are sold through Tiketti.

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