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What is OAF?

Outsider Art Festival OAF will be held 15.-25.8.2024!

Outsider Art Festival invites everyone to celebrate equality! OAF gives voice to the outsider artists by presenting a vibrant collection of music, visual arts, performing arts, films, literature and life stories.

OAF showcases art that is made in the marginals of the society. At OAF, the artists get to define by themselves what outsider art is – or they may leave it undefined.

OAF creates a space, which brings people together and enables new encounters. Equally and together. OAF offers an interesting workplace and working experience for people with disabilities and new generations in event production.

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OAF Production Team

Outsider Art Festival is a partner festival of the Helsinki Festival.

OAF is organized by the Outsider Art Finland network partners, Pertti’s Choice, Autism Foundation Finland, Lyhty, Kukunor and Taike.

Festival production is managed by Pertti’s Choice. Pertti’s Choice is an outsider art agency and production house founded by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät punk band. Pertti’s Choice is the first social enterprise in Finland founded by people with learning disabilities.

OAF is committed to promoting sustainable development goals, diversity and cultural equality. All of the festival teams include people with disabilities. More info about festival principles and terms and privacy policy. Production contact information can be found here.

In collaboration:  Ministry of Education and Culture, Kone Foundation, Cultural Centre Caisa, the House of Text, Mad House Helsinki, Radio Helsinki, WSOY, Nuoren Voiman Liitto, Runokuu, Nihil Interit, Kyrö Distellery Company, Grano, Alvi, Arilyn, Glo Hotel Art, Prymachenko Foundation, Welp Productions and Tiketti. The Arts Promotion Centre Finland gave OAF an operation grant in 2024.

True Equality!

True Equality campaign is launched by Pertti’s Choice and Kyrö Distillery. True Equality campaign challenges companies to promoting equality in cultural and on trade field. Campaign profit is directed to disability employment. The goal is to employ as many people as possible within Pertti’s Choices events and productions. Follow True Equality campaign and join conversations in OAF social media, online and live events. Read more about the campaign here.

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