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Mika Hagman

Mika Hagman is a musician and visual artist who has been making music since the 80’s. He plays keyboard, makes his own songs and at the moment he practices in the band group of Resonaari. At the festival Hagman performs a collection of new and old songs. 

Hagman is a fan of music made with different kinds of keyboards and he has learned the basics of piano already before starting elementary school. He describes his music as progressive and having alternating soundscapes. Hagman takes influence from a variety of different musical genres. 

Curators comments: “Mika Hagman’s music is an unbeatable combination of intense rock grooves and peculiarly humoristic lyrics. The audience can’t help but fall under the spell of Hagman’s stage charisma: he is uncompromisingly real and gives his all. The songs, that for example depict city rabbits, evoke big feelings and make you feel cheerful.”