Mirrored Fatality 1080x1080

mirrored fatality

mirrored fatality is an underground interdependent Kapampangan and South Asian xenotransbinary experimental and healing noise queer punk farmer duo sharing their rituals + altars. mirrored fatality creates their “cocoon webs” combining performance art, music, spoken word, film, photography, painting, drawing, upcycled garments, anti-imperialist education, and healing justice practice spaces to mobilize a warrior community responding to transnational calls-to-action for mutual aid, land sovereignty, and prison abolition.

In 2022, mirrored fatality released a remastered version of their COCOON WEBS EP with Aklasan Records, their film VALE on Get Better Records, and their film EARTHBODY(S)_BIOME(TRICS) on Tour de Moon, Nowness Asia, and screening at the London Short Film Fest at the British Film Institute and Rich Mix London. mirrored fatality released their singles “REINCARNAGE”, “VALE”, “BIOME(TRICS)”, and “PRIMALDIAL MAGMA” on their EP ECOCIDE 3URTH Cherub Dream Records on November 11, 2022. In 2023, they will release their 12-track album. In 2023, they will perform their multimedia ritual theater installation performance ECOCIDE 3URTH performance at the Outsider Art Finland Festival.


mirrored fatality remembers wholeness from dismembered flesh and mutates as cross-pollinating perennial terretoids. mirrored fatality intertwines glitch rage webs with corroded resonance and regenerates forsaken spores across their current biome: ECOCIDE 3URTH.

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