Panu "Prinssi" Palm
Panu "Prinssi" Palm
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Outsider Art Finland

In Finland Outsider art is reaching new audiences every year.

The Finnish tradition of Outsider art is relatively young. However, we are good at mapping, cooperation and creating networks. In Finland you can visit hundreds of fascinating outsider art environments, private homes and art studios. Welcome to explore these places and find the new worlds inside them.

Outsider art is a concept that covers art created outside the established art scene. In Finland Outsider art refers mostly to self-taught (ITE) contemporary folk artists and artists with learning or mental disabilities.

Outsider art is traditionally connected to visual art. In Finland we also have great outsider musicians, theatre, performances and films that have conquered the world. Within Finnish outsider art we are also utilizing the latest technology and embracing new audiences.

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OAF For cultural travelers

OAF festival guides and artists have new traveling routes and maps that lead to unique art experiences and environments. OAF opens doors to inaccessible destinations, hospitals, prisons, to the inner world of diversity and outsider experiences through art, guided by artists. With the help of OAF festival guides, travelers can find unique routes and city tours and experience art in surprising places in Helsinki and virtual visits around Finland.

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OAF network develops the accessibility of Finnish outsider art

OAF continues the long-term development work carried out by Outsider Art Finland networking partners. OAF is a pioneering project to promote and support sustainable partnerships that enable diversity employment, equal engagement of outsider artists in the art establishment as well as open access of public audiences to the world of outsider art. OAF is organized with a large group of venue and communication partners who share this vision and values. If you want to join us, or support our agenda, feel free to contact