Grandefinale is a Finnish pop-rock group spiced up with electronic sounds and influences from many genres. The unique sound of the group is born from utilizing vocoders and drum machines in addition to traditional band instruments. 

The story of Grandefinale started on a holiday trip in the mountains of Norway in the year 2019. The keyboard player Vili Rosti and the bassist Adrian Ronkainen decided  to realize their dream of having their own band. The band gives every member room to carry out their ideas and be part of the song-making process. In addition to Rosti and Ronkainen the band comprises of Amanda Purokuru (singer), Niina Nousiainen (guitar) and Riku Gardziella (drums). 

The songs of Grandefinale have been streamed on Spotify for over 20 000 times. The songs have also been playing on Yle Radio Suomi, Radio Helsinki and the SUN Radio. 

Curators comments: “Grandefinale performs saucy and atmospheric poprock. Their music is spiced up with the right amount of modern elements without losing the core of their traditional style. It’s always a pleasure to see a band collective at OAF in these individualistic times. Grandefinale is a versatile band with great energy!”