Panu "Prinssi" Palm
Panu "Prinssi" Palm
OAF teippi keltainen

OAF 2022​

On this page, you can find information on the Outsider Art Festival of 2022.

The 2022 festival organized 34 live events and 13 online and radio events, reaching a total of 8,800 audiences. The venues were Pertti’s Choice, Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki Art Museum HAM, G Livelab Helsinki, Music Centre’s Club and Mediaseinä, Hospital Nova, Radio Helsinki and Online Stage. The festival was described with the words inspiring, communal, diverse, fun, different, and happy.

Sepi Kumpulainen Band

Artists of OAF 2022

OAF 2022 brought together 38 artists and artist groups from five art genres.

Check out the artists from OAF 2022 and click on the link below:

Virtual Gallery 2022

Part of the physically presented artworks of the exhibitions are also shown at the Virtual Gallery. In addition, the virtual gallery includes works that are presented only online.

The virtual gallery 2022 presents artworks by the following artists: Aleksi Pietikäinen, Aryan Vandi, Maarit Hedman, Nick Alfred, Nikke Liinamaa, Panu “Prinssi” Palm, Salla Karppanen, Satu & Maria Tani, Valtteri Kleemola.