Inclusive curating

The Outsider Art Festival is curated in an inclusive way. This means that the festival programme is planned and executed together with outsiders and insiders of the art world.

The artists will be selected by a dedicated artistic working group for each art form. The working groups are made up of curators and mentors. The curators are outsider artists, often belonging to various minority groups. Mentors are experienced professionals in the field of art, for example artists.

The curators are selected from artists who have participated in previous festivals and from the OAF’s networks. Mentors are selected from OAF networks.

The curation process is as follows:

  1. Every year in October-November, OAF organises a national open call for all outsider artists to participate. What being an outsider means is freely defined by the artist himself/herself.
  2. OAF puts together an artistic working group. During the introduction members get acquainted with each other and the curatorial work. The working group discusses and agrees on values and principles that influence decision-making and promote equality. The members of the artistic working group will study the applications independently and select their own candidates.
  3. OAF organises joint workshops for the artistic working group. In these workshops, the members of the artistic working group discuss their choices and selection criteria. The final selections are made together. Discussions will also take place with the production team and the international mentors. Finally, the winner of the OAF Artist of the Year Award will be selected.
  4. The members of the artistic working group will also be involved in the festival in various expert roles, depending on their skills and interests.


Greetings from OAF international mentor Tanya Raabe-Webber

Greetings from OAF international mentor John Cafiero

Greetings from OAF international mentor Olga Fominikh

Greetings from OAF international mentor Rebecca Hoffman