Online Stage

OAF Virtual gallery 2023

Visual arts, music, performances, movies, and talks on exciting themes.

Scan the QR code above with your phone or iPad camera, allow the sensors and step inside. You can also click on the QR code icon.

OAF Program

OAF Official Trailer 2023

Outsider Art Festival 2023 Official Trailer

Keuhkot concert

Livestream from OAF Opening event at The National Museum 17.8.2023

OAF Films

Kati Kallio & Dance Group Ihanat

Gen Z Dance Film Trilogy

Miska Tuononen
This May Be the End

Miska Tuononen

You Look Like a Thought From the Past

Mika Ruohola

The Village

Anne Kalliola

Karelian voice

Jaana Miettinen

Poke House

OAF Greetings

Greeting from the director of Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival

Pierre Leichner

Greetings from performing arts program artists

Dance Group Ihanat & Kati Kallio

Greetings from the film program artists 

Miska Tuononen

Greetings from the residency artists 

mirrored fatality

Greetings from the film program artists 

Mika Ruohola