Loiriplukari is the alias of the artist Kalle Taivainen. Loiriplukari’s performances combine music, visuals, diary texts and stand-up. At the festival Loiriplukari will present a performance that is based on the diaries of Taivainen, that document the world of a teenage heavy metal fan from Rusko in the 1980’s. The diaries are illustrated with band logos, vulgar drawings and erotic clippings from magazines. 

The performance is a biographical coming of age story. The iconic voice of the Finnish actor Vesa-Matti Loiri functions as the narrator of the story, as if the confidant of this young man, as if he is the only one allowed to read these stern but occasionally vulnerable texts. The imitated voice blends the line between fact and fiction: it becomes unclear what parts of the performance are true, and how much of the original diaries were already dreamed and made up?

Loiriplukari has performed at the Flow Festival, Blue Sea Film festival, KOM Theatre, Linna Teatteri and in many music clubs, theatres and private parties. The focus of the performances vary from music to text and to visual depending on the event. The performances often have special guests like Jori Sjöroos (piano + electronics), Johannes Brotherus (violin) and Saku Mattila (oboe) to mention a few. 

Curators comments: “Loiriplukari’s performances are touching and hilarious at the same time, and you can never be sure if the artist is tricking the audience or not. Loiriplukari has an interesting way of making very personal art that hovers between performance art, theatre and a gig. Loiriplukari is a skilful and warm but definitely not humorless tribute to the late artist Vesa-Matti Loiri.”