Sam Heat

Sam Heat

Sam Heat is on the move with the utmost emotion and an open mind. Heat has left behind unnecessary music idioms. Heat’s material is approaching the total flow of consciousness. Melodies and harmonies range from pop and blues to freer expression. The English lyrics include flashes from black sausages, different chili varieties and even whiskey. On top of all that, the ironic themes are interpreted in a serious performative singing style.

About Sam Heat’s album has been said: “Perhaps the best summary of the album’s power is provided by Sam Heat himself. “Habanero chili-chili, or green chili-chili, chili con carne for me. But I like it mild.” On the surface, Sam’s piano and vocals are the soft essence of easy listening chocolate cake, but there is a fire in the stomachs of sharks swimming beneath the surface; that fire is teasing the musical taste buds in conflictingly delicious ways. A five-star upcoming cult classic. ” (Jemo Kettunen, AVPlus; translated by OAF)

OAF curators’ comments: “Sam Heat is a very original multitalent who has released one solo record and is working on new music. Careless, but at the same time holistic and authentic. A mystically bewitching combination of uncouth, deep voice and musical accompaniment, sometimes atonal, out of place – but there is a lot of beauty and logic in this. Hello Tom Waits! Original, crude combination of voice and melody with provokingly simple texts which stick to the ear.”

Heat’s concert is on Saturday 20.8.2022 at G Livelab Helsinki. More information:

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