Sepi Kumpulainen Band

Sepi Kumpulainen Band

Seppo Tapani “Sepi” Kumpulainen, or “Kalevankatu’s singing caretaker”, is a Finnish performer of proactive folk music, of songs and comedy music. Kumpulainen made a first breakthrough in the early 1990s. Sepi’s best-known songs from that time include ”Mä oon mahtava mies” (“I am a mighty man”), ”Hirviö tuli mua vastaan” (“A monster came towards me”), ”Armotonta menoa” (“Going relentlessly”) and ”Railakas ilta Venetsiassa” (“A rumbustious evening in Venice”). Kumpulainen then also performed on TV3 and later on MTV3 at the Frank Pappa Show.

Now Kumpulainen feels like being in the flow of life, making new music and performing with the band “Sepi Kumpulainen Band”. The line-up includes Juha Saunala, a duo partner who has already run a good way alongside of Sepi, and Samuli Kivelä and Aleksi Kinnunen, who are also known as the “Rotsi & Jyrä” internet phenomenon.

OAF curators’ comments: “Sepi Kumpulainen is a clear choice. In each composition, you can hear a classically seasoned genre. Here, you can feel the folk background, where individuality and expressiveness are found. Sepi conveys a good message! The band also charms with the friendship between the musicians.”

Sepi Kumpulainen Band’s concert is on Thursday 18.8.2022 at G Livelab Helsinki. More information:

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