Rudewolf aka Rudolf Väliaho is a 27-year-old self-taught grime artist. Music has been Rudewolf’s passion since being little, ever since listening to the radio in the family home. Rudewolf found their own voice while working at Kivimedia when, on a break, a co-worker showed Rudewolf the AJ Tracey music video for “Naila”. “I was sold FOR GOOD,” Rudewolf recalls. “The feeling that was conveyed from the song was so unique and powerful that I even remember the date: January 8th in 2016.”

Ever since, Rudewolf has made grime: listened to and searched for artists, started making grime, wrote lyrics, made beats on Logic Pro X and FL Studio, mixed, kept own radio shows according to the theme, took stylish photos and practiced parkour. Rudewolf has also been active in building relationships to London, the cradle of grime culture. Rudewolf says: “I have lived and breathed the grime culture through each and every cell of mine for the past 6 years.”

Rudewolf has performed on several stages, for example, at Pertti’s Choice, London, and at the Bassline Festival in 2019 as DJ Rudillo on the Koff Main Stage.

OAF curators’ comment: “Really banging grime. A current sound and I look forward to an energetic stage show. The artist is thoroughly dedicated to their style of music. Rudewolf has an excellent musical mash. While listening, I wanted to get into the live set of the musician right away! THE promise for Finnish grime!”

Rudewolf’s concert is on Saturday 20.8.2022 at G Livelab Helsinki. More information:

Musical Microcosm SATURDAY

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