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OAF artists of the year 2022: Satu and Maria Tani

OAF 2022 gave the award of artists of the year to Satu and Maria Tani. They received the prize for their work and performance Breathing reef. The OAF prize includes a 1000€ grant as well as artist Satu Nekala’s Zelensky sculpture. The prize was given by Satu Nekala at the OAF opening party on Friday, 12.8.2022 at the Music Centre.

The goal of the prize is to support the internationalisation of Finnish outsider artists. Satu and Maria Tani’s artwork and performance Breathing reef are on display at HAM Corner throughout the festival. In addition, there is international visibility for the artists on the way at international events of OAF 2023.

Congratulations to Satu and Maria Tani!

➡️ Come and experience the winning performance at HAM Corner on Sunday, 14.8. at 16.00 as part of the Performing Arts Talks program. The work is also exhibited at the HAM group exhibition at HAM Corner Wed-Sun 11.30-19.00 and Tue 10.00-17.30 as well as at the virtual gallery. Free entrance!

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