OAF Group Exhibition at HAM

The Group Exhibition at Helsinki Art Museum HAM presents artworks by Maarit Hedman, Nick Alfred, Nikke Liinamaa, Panu “Prinssi” Palm, Päivi Plyhm, Salla Karppanen, Valtteri Kleemola and Satu and Maria Tani. Through these artworks, inner and even cosmic worlds become visible. The exhibition mirrors reality and emotional experience, sometimes even with a slice of humor and irony. The artistic methods encompass crocheting, embroidery, spontaneous drawing, bodily painting and sculptural composition making from recycled materials.

The artworks are on display at the Helsinki Art Museum HAM 12.-21.8.2022 (closed on Monday, 15.8.2022). Artworks are sold at the Pertti’s Choice online shop. You can also get a glimpse of the OAF visual arts remotely at the OAF Virtual Gallery which is open 24/7. The OAF Online Stage is your door to the Virtual Gallery (opening on 12.8.2022).

The exhibition opening is on Friday, 12.8.2022 at 14.00 in HAM Corner. You can find more information on the opening here.

Opening hours of the exhibition:

  • Tue 10.00–17.30
  • Wed-Sun 11.30–19.00
  • Mondays closed
  • Night of the Arts 18.8.2022 11.30–20.00

In collaboration with Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Arilyn and Pertti’s Choice.

12.-21.8.2022 (15.8.2022 closed)
Helsinki Art Museum HAM
The event is free of charge.
Päivi Plyhm