OAF Performing Arts

The performing arts program is a diverse cocktail which invites the spectator into various performative spaces. Circus on fairytale carpets, translations spiced with humor on social media, imaginary worlds in rich colors and easygoing collective singing await you.

The OAF Talks conversation with the OAF performing arts curator Mika Hagman and mentor Heidi Bäckström takes place on Sunday, 14.8.2022 at 16.00 in HAM Corner.

All performances and talks are free of charge. In collaboration with Mad House Helsinki and Helsinki Art Museum HAM.

Kreetta Astala and Siiri Lehtiö: Remote (2022)

Kreetta Astala and Siiri Lehtiö as a working pair premiere their contemporary circus performance called Remote at the OAF festival. This first joint performance of Astala and Lehtiö addresses control and the loss of it, the exercise of power and insecurity with a comical twist. As a final result, you can see what happens to a circus performance when outside forces begin to intervene in the midst of it and a normal circus performance shifts into a weird absurd world, in which it is certain that nothing certainly is certain.

Venue: Central Library Oodi, 3rd floor, Satumatto

Date: Sunday, 14.8.2022 at 14.00

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Panu “Prinssi” Palm: Prinssi Kääntää Kaiken

In the social media project Prinssi Kääntää Kaiken (in English: Prinssi Translates Everything), the artist performs a boatload of translated songs, sticking the tongue out to the oppressive music and entertainment business which is concealing its drawbacks with superficial glitter. Prinssi comments on phenomena of the present culture with aggressive voice and gestures and, at the same time, with the disarming presence of the artist’s own body.

Venue: OAF Online Stage (opening on 12.8.2022)

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Satu and Maria Tani: Hengittävä riutta (2019-2022)

Satu and Maria Tani are both a working pair and siblings, whose work Hengittävä riutta (2019-2022) is a continuation of a childhood play. “In playing, we created our own worlds with their requisites which we could enjoy for hours. Roles brought safety to both of us to speak about anything.” Hengittävä riutta is presented at the festival both as performance and as of the visual arts group exhibition at HAM.

Venue: Helsinki Art Museum HAM Corner


  • Friday, 12.8.2022 at 14.00 (by invitation only)
  • Sunday, 14.8.2022 at 16.00 (open to everyone, performance is part of the OAF Talks program)

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Jussi Sinkkonen: Karaoketiähti olet sinä! (2021)

Karaoketiähti olet sinä! or Karaoke karjalakse is a diverse set of karaoke songs in Karelian language. The audience is joined by leading singers in performing new and old songs in Karelian dialects. The karaoke set was completed in 2021 as part of the Parempi pajot project, which promotes the status of the Karelian language and culture.

Dates and venues:

  • Friday, 12.8.2022 at 17.00-18.30, Musiikkitalo Mediawall
  • Thursday, 18.8.2022 (Night of the Arts) at 17.00-18.00, HAM Corner

Conversation about the topic:

  • Thursday, 18.8.2022 (Night of the Arts) at 16.00-17.00, HAM Corner

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OAF X Karelian karaoke X Veneh movie

OAF X HAM Corner program

The event is free of charge.
Kreetta Astala ja Siiri Lehtiö