Suomen Kuurosokeat ry:n työryhmä / Finnish Deafblind Association's working group

Finnish Deafblind Association’s working group

The film “Kädet” (in English: “Hands”) produced by the Finnish Deafblind Association describes the meaning of hands in communication. Through a number of key events, “Kädet” tells about the association’s 50 years of work and about the birth of this own, rare community. The father of the idea for this film and its director is Aki Pirkola, who wanted to honor the 50 year anniversary of the association by telling a small story about its history. For Pirkola, the expression through sign language is essential, and the moving image is a tool to create a sign language space. The young people of the association’s drama club functioned as actors and were also responsible for the film’s requisites. The producer of the association Jakko Evonen filmed and edited the movie. The process was supported by Eero Enqvist, the only person on the team who is able to hear and see.

OAF curators’ comment: “The film has a very gentle, aesthetically pleasing narration. Despite the limited means of expression – there are practically only hands in the frame – the film keeps the viewer’s attention, involves them in the story and evokes empathy. The film helps you, in a nearly poetical way, to empathize with the world experience of deafblind people. The narrative method is unique and innovative. The story about this less-known minority is told entirely through hands.”

The film by the Finnish Deafblind Association’s working group is shown at Oodi’s Kino Regina on Saturday 13.8. at 11.00 with an artists’ Q&A conversation, Wednesday 17.8. at 13.00 as well as Friday 19.8. at 13.00. More information:

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