Riina Noro

Riina Noro

Riina Noro (b. 1981) is a Helsinki-based visual artist and filmmaker who has been working at the Autism Foundation’s Vallila Art Studio since 2013. Noro combines different art methods in an extensive and unprejudiced manner. In Noro’s animations, textile sculptures and paintings, all kinds of company are dashing and winding wildly in and out, human figures and exponents of the animal world as well as hybrid types. In the artworks, Noro addresses current societal themes, such as natural catastrophes and world politics, without forgetting the individual perspective in the midst of all the turmoil. “When making art, I create a specific way of thinking, through which I explore and present what I was made for. My artistic practice is research work on paper and presenting interests. Making art is about bringing forward objects of interest and it secretly teaches me about this world.”

The animation film “Ouzo and the strange gold miner” (2019) written and directed by Noro, tells a story about a gold miner’s and a dog wolf’s adventures. The film and the making process have been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. The animation was chosen into the national animation competition at the Animatricks film festival in 2020.

OAF curators’ comment: “Noro’s animation shows an original story, presentation and montage. Noro’s film holds on to what it says: Today, there is no more collective history, there are only private destinies, and only through them we have a holistic view of the world. This film impresses by telling a story and, at the same time, communicating the importance of painting for the mind.”

Noro’s film is shown at Oodi’s Kino Regina on Saturday 13.8. at 11.00 with an artists’ Q&A conversation, Wednesday 17.8. at 13.00 as well as Friday 19.8. at 13.00. More information:

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