Felix ja Kuuhullun kuolema

Felix Lybeck has released two albums under the name Kuuhullu. He is now ready to set the artist alias Kuuhullu into its final rest and continue in new directions. Before that there needs to be one last release with the project Felix ja Kuuhullun kuolema (Felix and the Death of Kuuhullu). The approach has changed also: on the first two albums the main instrument was acoustic guitar, but now it has been replaced by synthesizers, drum machines and electric guitars. 

Felix ja Kuuhullun kuolema performs for the first time in public at the Outsider Art Festival. 

Felix Lybeck is a multi-talented artist and culture worker who is known for his band Bad Sauna, his radio programs at Radio Helsinki and the music clubs he has arranged around Helsinki, to mention a few. At the moment Felix works as the producer of Porvoo’s Kulttuurilaiva project. In his free time Felix likes to draw dogs and play records. 

Curators comments: We have been watching with great interest how the music of Felix Lybeck has evolved through the years and through different bands. It’s exciting to see what he has in store for us this time! Will the journey of Kuuhullu end with this performance or is this just a new beginning?