Welcome to OAF Workshops!

Registration for OAF Workshops is open! The workshops of the visual arts program will introduce you to outsider art and its creators. The workshops are free and open to all, led by OAF artists and members of the festival working group. You must register in advance for the workshops. The workshops are organized in collaboration with the Helsinki Art Museum HAM.

This year’s workshops are:

Workshop: Jaana Miettinen – Poke House

Animation workshop, where you can try your hand at giving your voice to Pikachu.

Date: tuesday 22.8. time: 16-17 pm

Multidisciplinary visual artist Miettinen will bring to OAF the Poketalo sculpture – a three-storey, dollhouse-like work of art. Pikachu will also come to life in Poketalo in the form of an animation.

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Workshop: Tuija Markonsalo (Mark & Potta) – My Strange Self

A collage workshop to create your own portrait.

Time: Thursday 24.8. at 17-18:30.

Place: HAM workspace

Markonsalo’s alter ego Mark & Potta have their origins in the inability to decide whether to make art bursting with colour, or whether it is more comfortable to wallow in dark waters. When there are two artists, you can work at either extreme or in between. At OAF, the work on display is a collection that showcases the more colourful side of the artist.

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Workshop: Myrtillius Kauria – Modern slavery

A workshop where you will be able to create the image of your own slavery via making a small rya rag. In this workshop, you will learn how to knot a rya rag and get started with them together. No prior experience needed.

Time: Saturday 26.8. from 12 to 15 pm

Place: the HAM workspace

Kauria recommends the workshop to everyone, and especially to those who feel they are living in modern slavery and want to slow down by stopping to knot a rya rag! At the festival, Kauria will present works from the collection Modern Slavery.

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