Aatos Ketvel

Outside of standards and norms

OAF music programs curators Miika Turunen, Sani Valoranta, and mentor Maria Mattila aka Mara Balls are corresponding to this year’s artist selections. Also, John Cafiero (USA) and Richard Phoenix (UK) have been international mentors. OAF communications assistant Mika Leminen interviewed Sani Valoranta. 

Sani Valoranta is a musician and a music student who studies music production third year at Metropolia. Alongside her studies, Sani sings in the Emjoy Reggae Band.  Sani is also in Kukunori’s activities.

Mika: “What was it like to curate the festival’s music program?”.

Sani: “Beforehand I was curious about curating the program: as a musician, I find myself more getting feedback instead of giving it to others. The main thought I was left with was the observation about how strong feelings and thoughts music passes on if it is approached from outside of standards and norms! I would have liked to double the number of performers because the artistic value of the music felt so meaningful and important. In the remote meetings. I got to follow the curation of other fields of art from the sidelines. This opened doors for me to the visual world too. For example, I got to know visual arts much better when I was following the analysis of festival artworks and planning of the presentation.”.

Mika: “Describe the chosen artists. What kind of music program the festival has?“.

Sani: “OAF music program described in one word: worlds. Different, capturing, and magical worlds which teach visitors new things and gives perspective. Artists behind the artworks are authentic and interesting – the program we picked is pleasing especially for that kind of audience that wants to interpret the art themselves – without the watering down and branding from the middleman.

I wish all festival visitors nice expeditions to all kinds of art!”.