Obscene comedy, winning of fears, and deep consideration

Outsider Art Festival’s movie programs curators for this year are Niklas Nyholm and Joonas Nyholm and the mentor is Jukka Kärkkäinen. Mika Leminen, the OAF communications assistant, interviewed the Nyholm brothers.

Niklas and Joonas Nyholm are chefs but there’s a lot more in their lives. Their hobbies include literature, history, roleplaying games, music, mythology, and philosophy.

Curating films for the upcoming festival was very new and different for the brothers. They watched a set of really great films and thought about them deeper and more critically than normally when you watch films.

”The upcoming program is versatile, including obscene comedy, winning of fears, and deep consideration. The films differ greatly from the mainstream, You will not see these kinds of films in any big movie theaters!” the brothers cheer.

We also interviewed Mika Ruohola. He is waiting for the film screening with joy: “I’m a bit nervous right now”.