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Giving everyone a chance: True Equality campaign

In this article True Equality campaign is presented. There are also thoughts about equality from the campaign partners. True Equality is a campaign started by Pertti’s Choice and Kyrö Distillery Company. The campaign’s basis is that everyone gets to equally work in culture and restaurant fields, building the fields up again.

True Equality campaign challenges companies to develop their culture’s more towards equality. Kyrö Distillery Company’s CEO Miika Salmi Lipiäinen states that the goal of True Equality campaign is to employ 50 people in special groups as part of Pertti’s Choice’s events and activities. Profits of the campaign are directed to employing special group people.

True Equality campaign raises voices and trendsetters from different fields. It also organizes events in social media, in the radio and live. The campaign culminates in August as Outsider Art Festival, which is organized as part of Helsinki Festival.

True Equality campaign’s partners are Pertti’s Choice, Kyrö Distillery Company, WSOY, Tradeka, Livelaboratorio and Klaus K. Below there are comments from company representatives about what it means to be part of the campaign.

Pertti’s Choice’s founder Sami Helle says: “We are known for giving everyone a chance. The profits from the company go to employing people in special groups, too.”. Piia Peiponen, Tradeka’s communications specialist, states that Tradeka wants to be part of the campaign to advance equality as a value. Tradeka’s donations are given for causes like True Equality, which activates people and creates new ways of acting.

Livelaboratorio Oy’s CEO Tanja Douglas says: “We have a responsibility and a chance to learn and do better. Of course we are also in for the content of the festival too – it is going to be amazing.”. Klaus K Hotel’s General Manager Marika Mäkelä says: “Being part of the campaign we also learn a lot about ourselves, we can develop further, develop our processes and do more of those actions that make things more equal. The campaign is a great way to cause conversations.”.