Madde Matilda

OAF’s Musical Microcosm comes again!

The OAF Musical Microcosm is lyrical, original, touching and topical. This year’s 2024 OAF music program features performance artist and music maker Stella Massa, Nairobi folk musician Ondi, rap group MC Zen & Urban Dream, visual artist and musician Timjune Tianjun Li and upbeat pop musician Madde Matilda.

Singer and vocal coach Riikka Hänninen, one of the curators of the OAF music programme, is inspired by the creativity and passion of the artists in the music programme. “OAF musicians are bravely making music of their own free spirit, even if it means overthrowing prejudices. We were looking for surprise, joy and freshness and that’s what we got!”

We asked a couple of the performers about their feelings and expectations for the festival and what music means to them. Maria Holmberg, producer of Olof Film and the manager of Madde Matilda, conveyed the band’s feelings:

“Matilda thinks it feels great and cool to be accepted to the festival and to experience a touring life. Madde, on the other hand, is looking forward to going to Helsinki with her best friend and performing on a real stage.

“Madde is normally quite shy, but music gives her the courage to live her life and a lot of confidence. Madde hopes they will get the audience dancing and singing along!”

Stella Massa is looking forward to meeting people and having interesting conversations at the festival. She also looks forward to witnessing, being around and learning from the works of other artists.

“I always feel lucky and privileged to have a platform to share art. Among other things, it allows me to be inspired to pursue art, activism and a connection to my Karelian roots. Performing my own music also brings me joy, honesty on many scales.”

Come and experience OAF’s diverse and unexpected music programme on the following stages:

Madde Matilda, Pure and MC Zen & Urban Dream will perform at the opening of OAF on Friday 15 August in the Caisa Cultural Centre, as part of the free Night of the Arts programme. On Saturday 17 August, Stella Massa and Ondi will also perform in Caisa Hall (buy tickets from Tiketti).

On Sunday 18 August, Timjune Tianjun Li’s performance “Today, Tomorrow, and the Tales from the Wind” will take place in Mad House Helsinki’s Parvisali on the sixth floor of the House of Text. Buy tickets from Tiketti.

Read more about OAF’s music programme!

In addition, this year Espoo will have a programme of music shows: Pertin Valinnat Radio Shows live version at Kannusali, Salonen-Gustavson-Gröhn at Sellosali, and Hassut tassut at Aurora.

P.S. Get a taste of the musical microcosm at OAF Stage at Espan Lava on 12.6! The evening will culminate with the release of Salonen-Gustavson-Gröhn’s new 3X3 album! The event is part of the Helsinki Day programme.