OAF takes over Espoo!

Outsider Art Festival is launching a new collaboration with the City of Espoo this year. For this collaboration we have curated a special OAF Programme to be presented at Espoo’s cultural centres. This time, in addition to regular OAF program, there will be festival events at the Espoo Cultural Centre, Sello Hall, Kannusali, Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora and WeeGee Exhibition Centre. A variety of events around Espoo will take place throughout the festival in August between 15 and 25 August 2024.

“We are pleased to partner in this celebration as it will contribute to our efforts to act fairly, equally and equitably in line with the Espoo story,” says Leena Hoppania, Manager of Cultural Services at Espoo’s Cultural Venues and Services. 

“I recommend visiting, for example, Sello Hall to listen to the three hammond ensemble Salonen-Gustavson-Gröhn or Kannusali for Pertti’s Choice live show curated by Miika Turunen and Kalevi Helvetti,” Hoppania says. 

Read more about the OAF Espoo programme on the City of Espoo website here.

You can also find Espoo events on the OAF program page here.