Niklas ja Joonas Nyholm

Niklas and Joonas Nyholm

Joonas and Niklas Nyholm (b.1992) are identical twins, cooks, lifestyle philosophers and autistic. The Nyholms’ poetry arises from the impulse of the moment and depicts the longing for the past, dreamy landscapes and inner storms. Many of the works do not even have a name, instead they are part of a huge fresco depicting the mighty power of the imagination. The text does not aim at following all the rules of art; the text aspires to look like its author. The poems have been created throughout many years, written on paper with a pencil. “Sometimes a long time passes when there is no text, then there comes a time when there is a lot of text. The text is created suddenly and when inspiration ignites, the artists rush to the paper to write.”

Performances and discussions by the literature artists take place on Saturday 13.8. at 16.00 at HAM Corner and during the Night of the Arts on Thursday 18.8. at 16.00-17.00 at Radio Helsinki. More information:

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