OAF Literature

Literature is coming to the OAF festival as a new format which is realized as a mentoring program in collaboration with the publisher WSOY. This year’s artists are Markus Kemppi, Riikka Tahvanainen, Mira Mink, Joonas ja Niklas Nyholm, Tuomas Korppi and Kalevi Helvetti. The writers present their works during the festival at the OAF Talks program in the Helsinki Art Museum HAM Corner. More detailed information on each artist can be found in their artist portraits.


  • Sat 13.8. at 16.00: talks with artistic mentor from WSOY and performances by artists, HAM Corner
  • Thu 18.8. at 16.00-17.00: OAF literature at Radio Helsinki

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The event is free of charge.
Markus Kemppi