Mirrored Fatality 1080x1080

mirrored fatality

Description of the project

Mirrored fatality worked at the OAF residency on their multimedial, ritual theatrical installation performance ECOCIDE 3URTH. The duo describes the work as follows: “Mirrored fatality remembers wholeness from dismembered flesh and mutates as cross-pollinating perennial terretoids. mirrored fatality intertwines glitch rage webs with corroded resonance and regenerates forsaken spores across their current biome: ECOCIDE 3URTH.”

The residency culminated in a performance of ECOCIDE 3URTH at the sold-out Semifinal club on 24 August 2023, with Japanese percussionist Ryosuke Kiyasu as the second performer of the evening.

In addition to the performance, mirrored fatality organized a potluck artists’ meeting at Pertti’s Choice, attended by the festival audience, artists and partners. The meeting included a collective altar-building ritual and a discussion about art and how to make it.

Experiences of the residency

“We warmly recommend the OAF residence! We were given the space and resources to develop and expand our work in a way we had not had the opportunity to do before. We were able to practice using new touch-based synthesizers and incorporate new visuals into our performance. We were also able to produce new movement material for the show because we had access to a large studio. The residency was very safe to work in and it was nice to spend time with other outsider artists. It was easy to feel confident that our art would be well received. We definitely want to return to Helsinki because it is such a beautiful city and everyone here is really friendly, curious, welcoming and open!”

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