Marianne Schmidt ja Malin Karlsson

Marianne Schmidt and Malin Karlsson

Marianne Schmidt (b.1978) and Malin Karlsson (b.1974) are working as artists at the Inuti studio, Stockholm. In art, Schmidt and Karlsson explore general and social structures through personal experiences. By using different techniques, including drawing, sculpture, film and language, they aim at understanding their own world, but also others’ mysteries.

OAF curators’ comments: “Artists from Sweden rummaging through Sperm and the Finnish underground scene – interesting! The MA Numminen connection inspires and teases. Outsiderunderground.”

The works created during the residency period are presented during the festival. Marianne Schmidt’s movie is shown at all OAF Film Screenings. Malin Karlsson’s artwork is part of the group exhibition at Pertti’s Choice Gallery.

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