OAF Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice Gallery

The Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice Gallery presents artworks by Aleksi Pietikäinen, Antti Mustaparta, Joannis Clementides, Juhana Lehikoinen and OAF residency artist Malin Karlsson. In this exhibition, you can get acquainted with, for example, ceramic face masks, peculiar human figures, famous singers, insects bent from iron wire, and Finnish underground art and culture. New perspectives even on everyday items are opened for the spectator.

The physical artworks are on display at the Pertti’s Choice Gallery 12.-21.8.2022. Artworks are sold at the Pertti’s Choice online shop. You can also get a glimpse of the OAF visual arts remotely at the OAF Virtual Gallery which is open 24/7. Here is your way to the Virtual Gallery.

In collaboration with Arilyn and Pertti’s Choice.

Pertti’s Choice, Gallery
The event is free of charge.
Juhana Lehikoinen