OAF Stage


A diverse group of outsider artists takes over the Espa Stage on 12.6. during the Helsinki day. OAF Stage is a collection of outsider art, artists, music shows and performances. Between the performances the crowd is entertained by the host of Pertin Valinta radio show Miika Turunen, Dj Alex and Dj Old Crank. 

The driving force of this year’s OAF Stage is word art and it’s different forms. On the stage you’ll see artists, stage poets and rappers from WSOY’s and Pertti’s Choice’s OAF Literature Mentoring Program. 


14.00 Jim Dahl & Rubberduck Jones
15.00 Eeva Lusenius
15.30 Julius Kuusisaari
16.00 Oona Kapari
17.00 Harri Hertell ja Mikko Haapoja
18.00 Valma
19.00 Cepan maailma 

OAF Stage