Kreetta Astala ja Siiri Lehtiö

Kreetta Astala and Siiri Lehtiö

Kreetta Astala and Siiri Lehtiö as a working pair premiere their contemporary circus performance called Remote at the OAF festival. This first joint performance of Astala and Lehtiö addresses control and the loss of it, the exercise of power and insecurity with a comical twist. As a final result, you can see what happens to a circus performance when outside forces begin to intervene in the midst of it and a normal circus performance shifts into a weird absurd world, in which it is certain that nothing certainly is certain. Astala and Lehtiö graduated from the circus department at the Art Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences in the middle of a pandemic in 2020. Remote is inspired by the insecurity of the artists and the feeling of losing control as they enter the working life in a field, in which working was prohibited for a long time. Composure and control are also familiar topics to the duo from the world of gymnastics, in which both of them have a background. The working duo is united in how their train of whimsical thoughts flies and in their love for handstands. The sounds of Remote were designed by Lassi Tauriainen and the costumes by Tiina Valve.

OAF curators’ comments: “New graduates and the possibility of being left on the exterior of the art field because of the COVID-19 pandemic is a new viewpoint of contemporary outsider art. Remote is an interesting combination of circus art, choreography and performative practices. It is important to highlight this circus performance premiere by young creators for the whole family at OAF – pretty great!”

The circus performance Remote is presented on Sunday 14.8.2022 at 14.00 on Oodi’s Satumatto (3rd floor). There is a short aftertalk with the artists after the performance. More information:

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