Eeva Lusenius

Eeva Lusenius

Eeva Lusenius is a singer, songwriter, whose songs deal with the everyday things of life, at the same time with a serious mind, but with a big heart and humor. If the chicken tastes delicious Lusenius makes a song about nuggets and of course, of a delicious dip! Lusenius also performs as the singer and pianist of the children’s music band Hassut tassut together with Lusenius’ long-term drummer Toni Välitalo (PKN), and as the keyboardist and background singer of the band Kari Aalto Rastakarai.

OAF curators’ comments: “Eeva is extremely energetically charged, provocative and convincing. Eeva’s sound is convincingly simple, yet an effective combination of voice and handmade music. It is fantastic to bring forth Eeva’s songwriting skills and remarkable voice as a part of the OAF music program!”

Lusenius’ concert is on Thursday 18.8.2022 at G Livelab Helsinki. More information:

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