DUO GundW – Annika Granlund on the tuba and kantele and Hannah Winsperger on flute – have improvised together since 2018. Duo GundW started their journey during their music studies in Lucerne and have performed in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. This duo is curious. They are interested in searching for new sounds and techniques to create personal soundscapes, which take the spectator into another world. Their music combines fully free and conceptual improvisation, experimentally composed music and performance. The base of the duo’s music-making is trust between the two musicians as well as shared excitement to search and experiment with borders between music styles, and the unpredictability of creating music together. Free music cannot be foretold: It exists where the musicians and the audience meet and unite: in the now.

OAF curators’ comments: “The sound of this duo is really cool, imaginative and alternative. Thus, stylistically, it surely fits well into the OAF program. At this gig, you can sink into a meditative-like state. Duo GundW is experimental and authentic. Unique soundscapes!”

On Tuesday 16.8. Duo GundW perform a concert at HAM Corner in connection with the Talks conversational program and workshop between 15-17. GundW collect peace greetings from the audience at the OAF Sankareille! Herojam Slava! exhibition. The peace greetings are presented at the concert in a musical form. More information:

OAF X HAM Corner

Sankareille! Herojam Slava! exhibition