Aleksi Pietikäinen

Aleksi Pietikäinen

Aleksi Pietikäinen’s artworks (b.1992) describe subjects important to the artist warmly, often tinted with humor. “I enjoy painting. I have painted female artists; I like listening to their music. I am especially fond of ceramics, forming, for example, household appliances. Clay is a material dear to me.” Pietikäinen works at Kaarisilta Art Studio, mainly with paintings and ceramics. Pietikäinen’s artworks have been presented in numerous group exhibitions in addition to a solo exhibition. Aleksi Pietikäinen paints and makes sculptures about pleasant subjects. Aleksi Pietikäinen is a member of the Lahti Artists’ Association and was announced Kettuki’s artist of the year 2022. In recent years, Pietikäinen has found interest in textile sculptures and film expression.

OAF curators’ comments: “Aleksi Pietikäinen is an incredible master of plastic art. Aleksi creates very original ceramic objects and gives new life to seemingly familiar everyday objects. The visual artworks shown at the festival, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, are also very unique: contrastful and spectacular.”

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Pietikäinen’s artworks are shown at the Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice and the Virtual Gallery. More information:

Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice

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