Antti Mustaparta

Antti Mustaparta

Antti Mustaparta (b.1984) draws the subjects of his art from popular culture, especially films and TV series, and from the artist’s own life. Recently, Mustaparta has focused especially on ceramics: the subjects of the new sculptures arise from the artist’s own daily life and interests. Mustaparta graduated as a visual artisan in 2010 and works at Kaarisilta Art Studio in Lahti. Mustaparta has participated in several joint exhibitions. For the OAF festival, Mustaparta created ceramics of the artist’s most important items, fanny pack, pill dispenser, headphones, face mask and the Power Rangers: “Headphones, for example, are important, you can listen to some phone noise on your mobile phone. Making pottery requires brain work. I have evolved, progressed forward. The themes of the works come from my own mind.”

OAF curators’ comments: “Antti Mustaparta’s ceramic works on everyday recognizable objects are cute and stunning. They make me look at ordinary objects in a new way. Antti has an unusual view of substance as such. The artworks show a juicy tangible sculptural plasticity. Challenging work with coloring, taking into account the complexity in creating ceramic objects.”

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Mustaparta’s artworks are shown at the Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice. More information:

Group Exhibition at Pertti’s Choice