Riitta Talvio

The spark and inspiration of Riitta Talvio‘s lamentation poems comes from Karelian tradition of expressing emotion and words using voice. Riitta Talvio comes from Polvijärvi. In her perfomance, she expresses her own interpretations of a woman’s life cycle and the way the modern world goes. 

Talvio has performed lamentation poems at art exhibition openings, the library, parties, poetry marathons and the Pajot Festival. Musicians Ari Koskela and Annukka Nevalainen accompany the performances. 

Curators’ comment: Riitta Talvio’s voice is really relaxing and beautiful. Karelian poetry has such a rich tradition and culture! Although in the past, crying with a voice was a profession, this tradition has passed. This special genre can seem weird these days.

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