Presidents and opened doors

Satu Nekala is a self-taught visual artist and musician from Tampere. The sculptures of presidents Satu made are showcased in the OAF group exhibition, which is her first exhibition. Mika Leminen, the OAF communications assistant, asked a few questions from Satu.

Who is your favorite president?
Satu: “Tarja Halonen, because she was the president of all the people.”

Where did the idea for the president-sculptures come from?
Satu: “The idea came to me when I was walking with the dog.”

How did the workshop day go?
Satu: “The day went well. It was fun to learn new techniques and to get new ideas. Jani Leinonen guided us and we got to visit Jani’s studio. We made the festival prize together, which will be given out at the Opening ceremony.

What do you wait for from the festival?
Satu: “I wait for getting to perform. I am a musician too and my performance will be seen at the Opening ceremony.

We also asked Jani Leinonen, what OAF means for the arts industry.
Jani thinks that the arts field is seemingly equal, but it also has discriminatory structures and practices. “OAF festival is making a revolution by opening doors for new artists and at the same time works to achieve equality”, Jani states.