Outsider Art Festival Goes Out – 2020 vibes

Hello friends of outsider art! Here we return to last year’s awesome vibes of the Outsider Art Festival Goes Out-event. This year, we hope that the situation is good in August and we get to organize the full festival safely and as planned.

Outsider Art Festival Goes Out was an outdoor event and Milla Göös’s performance “Disconnected Thoughts” was part of the program. People were incited to putting pictures and paper drafts of texts to lamp-posts and other public spaces. The performance was about things left undone due to the pandemia and new beginnings.

Riina Noro’s audio performance “The World that Stopped” was part of the festival program. In the performance texts written during lockdown were put into audio form. Matias Salminen and Henri Kemppainen also created a map, which was included in Miika Turunen’s Punk Favorites-zine.

In 2021 Outsider Art Festival includes many events. OAF is a hybrid festival, which means that some events are live-events and some events are held online. Some events are free and some events have a participation fee. Go check out this year’s festival program following this link.

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