Petri Keckman

New currents in outsider film

This year, the Outsider Art Festival’s film programme features a diverse selection of new Finnish outsider film. There will be silence and nature mysticism, introspection and the pain’s of creation, as well as a wild riot of colour and an uninhibited flow of imagination.

OAF Film screenings will screen short films Pikselijuhlan yltäkylläisyys (Petri Keckman), Two Silly Rabbits And a Ball (Kanimaattorit), Hengittävä riutta (Satu & Maima Tani), Into (Aleksi Leskinen) FUR FUR (Kardo Shiwan) ja Shadows (Vahid Goodarzpour).

The film programme is curated by Ilona Ahti and Panu Palm.

OAF asked two of the artists in the film programme, Petri Keckman and Satu Tani, about their feelings on participating in the festival and screening their own films.

Keckman is participating with his film Pikselijuhlan yltäkylläisyys, a film that has been in the works for years and whose psychedelic animations and wild electronic sounds are hand-coded in the old REBOL programming language: “It’s great that in this day and age my animations, which are behind the times, are so much appreciated. The REBOL programming language is in many ways dead and buried, but I think ‘let the artist keep his lest’ – because I have a lot of my own self-made programs.”

“It’s taken who knows how many years to make the film – I can’t remember when I started doing animation bits. There is no message in my film, the most important thing was the joy of making it – just like a little kid playing with crayons hardly thinks about any message, he has fun!”

Satu Tani has appeared at Outsider Art Festival before, but this is the first time she and her sister Maima Tani (Hengittävä riutta) are appearing as artists in the film programme: “I’m looking forward to finally seeing our shorts on the big screen at the festival! It felt really meaningful to turn a project we’ve been working on for years on a small budget into a short film and to work with talented team members. We are already dreaming of making the next short film.”

We asked Satu what he expects most from the festival: “Memorable encounters with people and art.” 

The OAF Film screenings will take place at the Kino Caisa in the Caisa Cultural Centre in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. For screening times, accessibility information and other info, click here

The events are free of charge and accessible.

The films will also be available online on the OAF Online Stage from August 15, 2024, if you can’t make it to the screening!