OAF Akatemia Kalle Salonen

New art program: OAF Academy

We are excited to tell you that the Outsider Art Festival has established a new art program: OAF Academy!

OAF Academy provides long-term support for the work of outsider artists and creates a new operational model that enables artists to create artworks as commissions. The resulting works will be presented at the Outsider Art Festival in the years 2023-2025. The program is produced by Pertin Valinta and funded by Kone Foundation.  

The first artist of the program is the Hammond-virtuoso Kalle Salonen who will compose new music for three Hammond organs. The compositions will be premiered in August at the Outsider Art Festival. In the live ensemble two veterans will be playing alongside Salonen: Jukka Gustavson from Wigwam, and Pekka Gröhn from the band of J. Karjalainen. https://www.kallesalonen.fi/

Tuomas Vaahtoluoto works as the coordinator of the OAF Academy. His contacts are tuomas@pertinvalinta.fi and phone 050-3507993

Read more: https://outsiderart.fi/en/oaf-academy/