Mikko Lautiainen

Mikko Lautiainen is a performance artist, a painter and a poet who comes from Kemijärvi. At the festival Lautiainen will present his new performance “Minä olen maailma” (I Am the World). In his performances Lautiainen depicts the opposites of the world. The performances are pictures of a sensitive approach to the world, reduced to their bare essentials. 

In his art Lautiainen doesn’t commit to any particular style, genre or set of artistic laws. To commit means being in shackles, and an artist doesn’t want to be shackled in relation to his goal. Lautiainen is the author of the Varimaalari blog, where he publishes experimental poetry in Finnish. Lautiainen has published the poetry collections Vammaisuus tahmauttaa (2017), Pahuudenpesä (2018) and Kolmas Kirja (2022). As a painter he has held several private exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Finland and in Japan. Lautiainen is a member of the Finnish Painters’ Union.

Curators comments: “The performance art of Mikko Lautiainen is full of wonderful and touching self-expression. The freedom, the compulsion and the lust for expression are vividly present in his performances. Performance art is at the core of outsider art and as curators we can’t wait to see what kind of performance Lautiainen comes up with this time!”