Katja Kanerva

Katja Kanerva

Katja Kanerva has worked at Lyhty textile workshop Luovilla, Helsinki, since 2019. In her drawings, Katja has a strong line and strong colors. Katja is an imaginative artist and curious about everything around her. Katja’s dream is to get her art in exhibitions. Family is also important to Katja. The collection of art pieces selected for the festival features Katja’s family members.

Curators’ comment:  Katja Kanerva’s vibrant technique brings something magical to the figures she draws. Katja’s multicolored woodpencil lines rumble over the paper like a storm and cover layers revealed on closer inspection. Stunningly colored works, captivating figures and their movement create a wonderful combination. In addition, Katja Kanerva manages to transfer the same magic and movement into her textile works.

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