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In August OAF international guests meet local artists and the audience!

The August festival will bring a large number of international guests to perform, meet local outsider artists, discuss with the audience and learn about the OAF’s festival production and activities. You can meet this year’s international guests at the following events:

18.8. on Friday, the vernissage of Pertti’s Choice Gallery will feature the Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival (VOAF) folks, OAF’s international mentor Sofia Lanusse from Outsider Art Fair New York and via stream Heralbony from as far away as Japan!

VOAF is Canada’s first and only outsider arts festival and has been running since 2017. VOAF’s programming focuses specifically on visual and performing arts. The festival will take place in October in Vancouver. This year, VOAF will visit Helsinki to explore OAF’s production and develop new collaborations.

Outsider Art Fair New York will focus on art brut and outsider art. The festival has been doing important work to raise the profile of outsider art since 1993. Since 2013, Outsider Art Fair has also organised Outsider Art Fair Paris in France.

Heralbony is a Japanese outsider art agency that creates licensable content, art prints and music from content produced by people with autism. Recently, Heralbony has collaborated with companies such as Disney.

24.8. on Thursday, xenotransbinary noise punk duo mirrored fatality and Japanese drummer Ryosuke Kiyasu will perform at Semifinal. Time: Doors at 19, Showtime at 20. Tickets: 20,50€ / 13,50€

25.8. on Friday a communal artist meeting with the artist-in-residence mirrored fatality will be held. The event will give you an insight into the process of creating the piece ECOCIDE 3URTH and mirrored fatality’s work as artists and farmers. There will be sharing of food, open discussion about art and art-making practices, and a collective altar-building ritual. Register for the event by sending an email to annamari(a)pertinvalinta.fi.

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