Valtteri Kleemola

Valtteri Kleemola

Valtteri Kleemola (b.1989) is an artist from Helsinki who works with photographs and photo-editing. Kleemola is also the subject of the photographs, but the roles taken by Kleemola vary. Valtteri’s Worlds is Kleemola’s photography series, which is created from hundreds of self-portraits using social media tools and aesthetics. The series is Kleemola’s own self-invented project. Kleemola produces the images continuously and independently. Some of the images have been edited using social media methods, which leaves the boundaries blurry between reality and the image. In other pictures, Kleemola’s face is cropped in a rougher manner. By placing Kleemola’s face onto other people’s bodies, Kleemola seems to put on different contexts and identities. Kleemola has participated in Lyhty’s photography workshop since 2017 and works in Lyhty ry’s workshop. Kleemola’s work is exhibited at the OAF Virtual Gallery.

OAF curators’ comments: “Kleemola is an inexhaustibly productive image creator. Kleemola is like an Andy Warhol of the digital age.”

Kleemola’s artworks are shown at the Group Exhibition at HAM and the Virtual Gallery. More information:

Group Exhibition at HAM

Virtual Gallery