OAF tuottajahaku harjoittelijahaku 2024


We are looking for arts and culture interns to join our communication and event production teams. The OAF 2024 festival will take place from 15-25 August 2023.

The interns will work with OAF production team members in either the communication or the event production of the festival. In the communication team, the interns will work alongside the communication coordinator on internal communication or public relations for the festival. In the production team, you will work on music, visual arts, performing arts, literature or film productions, events and exhibitions. The OAF arts programmes also offer interesting jobs for interns.

Find out more about OAF activities on our website and tell us what kind of jobs interest you. www.outsiderart.fi

OAF is bold, equal, diverse, joyful and open. We expect OAF interns to have the same spirit, an active and open attitude, good language skills (at least Finnish/English) and good interpersonal skills. Technical and production skills as well as previous experience in the cultural and arts sector would be an advantage. The traineeship is unpaid.
We offer an interesting internship in an inclusive festival production. OAF offers many new perspectives on topics such as equality, accessibility and cultural diversity. All OAF teams include people from special groups.

You can apply for an internship for the period 1.1.-1.9.2024. We recommend that you apply to be an intern between May and September. Working hours are flexible, and the work can also be carried out remotely if necessary. It is also possible to take holidays in July and on weekends. In August, you should again be prepared to be in Helsinki at least during the festival from 12 to 25 August 2024.

NOTE: OAF applies positive special treatment to all recruitments. Diversity and specificity can be useful in this search. OAF wants to be an open and safe space, for artists and staff alike. We think there is something special and a little bit weird in all of us. Bringing that out makes everything a bit more fun and meaningful. But of course it’s also okay to be ordinary. Everyone is needed.

Open applications should be sent by end of January by email to the OAF Executive Director. Applicants may be invited for an interview during the application period. Interviews will be held in the Zoom.

OAF Info: www.outsiderart.fi

Contact: Heini Merkkiniemi, heini@pertinvalinta.fi