Toivo Hauru

Toivo “Topi” Hauru is a media assistant, a writer, a YouTuber and a music maker. When it comes to making art, writing is Hauru´s preferred medium of self-expression. His favorite theme is social injustice viewed from the angle of a non-neurotypical person. During the years Hauru has formed a very original viewpoint about society and its deficits. New texts are born spontaneously when Hauru sketches article-like stories about interesting subjects like psychology. 

Hauru has polished his texts in Autism Foundation Finland and he writes in the Kirjoilevaa ekkoilua blog group. According to the readers, Hauru’s texts are analytic and sharp, tragicomical and relatable. Hauru spends his free time absorbing large amounts of information about various subjects. 

Curators comments: “Toivo Hauru’s texts could be described as potent topical prose about social injustice. Hauru gives a voice to marginalized people who are often forgotten. Hauru manages to be an outsider and still very much in touch with everyday life.”