Theatre Group Vautsi

The theater ensemble Vautsi‘s motto is: “People on the spectrum see things that a neurotypical person doesn’t.”

The theater ensemble Vautsi has operated in Helsinki, Vallila from the year 2008. The members of the ensemble change from time to time but the current formation has worked together since 2022. The group is inspired by iconic Finnish entertainers, legendary voice actors and epic characters from famous TV skits. When the members of Vautsi, Olli Huusko, Juuso Juntunen, Leon Nyberg and Henry Saarikko get together at the Autism Foundation, bursting laughter and skillful imitation of classic skits immediately fills the room. 

At the festival we will witness the premier of Vautsi’s new comedic play Toivorikkaita väärinkäsityksiä (Hopeful misunderstandings). 

Curators comments: “It’s always an honor to have a premier at the festival. We can expect lots of laughter and wittiness from the theatre ensemble Vautsi’s new play Toivorikkaita väärinymmärryksiä!”