Panu "Prinssi" Palm

Panu “Prinssi” Palm

Panu “Prinssi” Palm’s artistic work covers all art forms including music, videos and installations. Prinssi’s work is fueled by humor, gloomy themes and a strong DIY spirit, which speaks to the spectator as naked as possible – sometimes quite literally. Prinssi’s art focuses on issues of mental health, the human psyche and the values ​​of life. During the artist’s career, Prinssi has ended up in one crazy situation after another. Among other things, Prinssi has performed on stage on a dog’s leash fully covered in blood, traveled to the Amazon rainforest to shoot a series of documentaries about the traditional psychological medicine ayahuasca and dragged a two meter big golden calf through the city center of Helsinki. Kultainen Vasikka (in English: The Golden Calf; 2022) symbolises human vanity and hypocrisy in this godless time. The film “Vasikan Matka” (in English: Journey of the Calf; 2019) describes human maladjustment in an environment created by themselves. In the social media project “Prinssi Kääntää Kaiken” (in English: Prinssi Translates Everything), the artist performs a boatload of translated songs, sticking the tongue out to the oppressive music and entertainment business which is concealing its drawbacks with superficial glitter.

OAF curators’ comment: “Prinssi comments on phenomena of the present culture with aggressive voice and gestures and, at the same time, with the disarming presence of the artist’s own body. The film “Vasikan Matka” (“Journey of the Calf”) leaves enough space for interpretation, so that everyone can find their own explanation. The unexpected ending evokes a sense of belonging and sympathy as well as the wish to keep following the touching hero until the very end. This film about the current times makes a special impact by the raw construction of the calf and the troublesome way of its presentation. The film is a melancholic journey in front of people ignoring glances. Only children noticed the beauty of the moment.”

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Panu “Prinssi” Palm’s works are shown at the Group Exhibition at HAM, the Virtual Gallery, the Film Screenings and in the performing arts program of the Online Stage. More information:

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