Päivi Plyhm

Päivi Plyhm

Päivi Plyhm (b.1987) is a Helsinki-based artist and craftsman who has worked at Lyhty ry’s Art and Textile Workshop Luovilla since 2012. The year 2022 is the 10th anniversary of Plyhm’s artistic work. Plyhm’s chordial character becomes evident in the artworks and they repeatedly show girl characters and hearts. “Tytön elämää” (“A Girl’s Life”; 2020-2022) is a three-dimensional cartoon work in which Plyhm combines artistic and craft techniques. The texts made with embroidery technique are excerpts from the everyday thoughts of a girl coming of age. The artworks also describe the importance of sharing things for both the girl characters in the work and the artist. Some of the written texts Plyhm embroidered during the pandemic in remote workshop activities.

Plyhm has had solo exhibitions at Herttoniemi Library in 2016 and joint exhibitions at Kanneltalo in 2017 and at Stoa Loft Gallery in 2014.

OAF curators’ comments: “It is always nice to be surprised! Päivi Plyhm’s three-dimensional cartoon is a wonderful surprise. “Tytön elämä” (“A Girl’s Life”) is simply real, fashionable autofiction. An interestingly curious series, which suggests continuation.”

Plyhm’s artworks are shown at the Group Exhibition at HAM. More information:

Group Exhibition at HAM